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Koha - Gift of Knowledge Game

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Welcome to the world of KOHA - a gift of knowledge. A card game for you to laugh and learn as you play with your whānau, family, staff or friends. 

Picture yourself as the bird kāhu, our game kaitiaki (guardian) soaring high above the long white clouds of Aotearoa. As you fly over mountains and rivers, cities and historic sites, you learn their names and their meanings, and their connection to Māori.

To play: Each player starts with 0 cards in hand. The goal is to get 5 KOHA cards in your hand, then answer a WERO card correctly.

Each rohe is represented by a different coloured KOHA card with multi-choice options. The WERO card is a harder challenge - there are no multi-choice options.

Designed by Tommy Kapai from Pirirakau hapu in Tauranga Moana.

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