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About us

 Maori.Store is designed by kiwis for Maori and Mozzies and anyone keen on tika Maori products. Maori.Store is 100% New Zealand owned and operated by Indigenius Limited.

Indigenius showcases the genius of indigenous people in Aotearoa New Zealand. Based in the beautiful Tauranga Moana, we have been involved with indigenous designs and introduced the first Maori designed mink blanket 20 years ago involving master carver Tuti Tukaokao and Tommy Kapai.

Our new design reflects the traditional Maori patterns using the strong Maori colours or red, white and black.

Mauri ora! 

To contact us in New Zealand call 027 2422534 email or write to 61a Pillans Road, Tauranga 3110

 Below are a few of the products that we have successfully launched in New Zealand:

Original Mink Blanket Indigenius

Original Maori Mink Blanket

Maori Hui Bag

Kopaki Moe - Sleeping Bag

Carpet - Nga Wharua Design Footprints

Carpet - Nga Wharua Footprint Design

Maori Hui Bag

Hui Bag

Maori Meke Mats

Meke Mats

Boogie Board - Contemporary Design

Boogie Board - Waka Wai Contemporary Design