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Community Group?

Community Group?

If your group is a Kohanga Reo, Kura, Puna Reo or helps disadvantaged youth in Aotearoa, New Zealand - we may be able to assist. If your group can provide a facebook link to THIS PAGE, a portion of every purchase of our Traditional Design Maori Blankets will go to assist their community efforts.

How does it work?

Just share THIS LINK on your group facebook page or promote it to your group, then when they purchase one of the blankets, your group will automatically be credited with a portion of the profit from the sale.

How much will we receive?

For each sale you will be credited with $5. After 10 sales have accumulated you can either have the cash ($50), or we could send you a free blanket worth $69.95 for your group to raffle for say $200 (ie 100 tickets @ $2).

What now?

To be able to track which community group is being helped, we need your contact details. Please complete THE FORM below.